Training Programs

Master’s Degree in Operations Management

The Master’s Degree in Operations Management (MGO) of the Department of Industrial Engineering of the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences of the University of Chile aims to prepare professionals of excellence in management schemes, model use, and information technologies, in order for them to develop the capacity to solve complex problems in the field of Operations Management.

The teachers on the Master’s Degree course hold doctorates from prestigious universities and form part of the Operations Management Center (CGO to give it its Spanish initialism) of the Department of Industrial Engineering. The CGO is a leader in its field, thanks to the vast experience of its members in the development of research and consulting projects in the Forestry, Mining, Services, and Manufacturing sectors.

Graduates of this program have enjoyed a favorable reception in the workplace, holding important positions in service and manufacturing companies, both nationally and abroad. They also work in universities as academics and researchers and have continued their doctoral studies at leading universities.

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Master’s Degree in Transportation Engineering

The Master’s Degree in Transportation Engineering of the Department of Civil Engineering of the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences of the University of Chile offers a cutting-edge specialization within Transportation Engineering.

Its objective is to prepare graduates capable of solving high-level methodological and applied problems in this specialty, perform university teaching, actively participate in research groups, and carry out technological transfer with a strictly critical eye.

This program will allow students to solve transportation problems intelligently and enthusiastically. This area of knowledge has been developed by integrating multidisciplinary contributions ranging from psychology – to understand human behavior – to engineering, contributing their analytical methods, through geography, economics and urban planning. This variety of approaches, together with their relevance in terms of quality of life in the endeavor of Transportation, are probably what makes the discipline such an interesting intellectual challenge.

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Doctorate’s Degree in Systems Engineering

The goal of the Master’s Degree in Engineering Systems is to form high-level specialists with a solid base in technology and an in-depth knowledge of the tools that allow modeling, understanding and optimizing complex systems in which physical elements and human behavior interact.

Graduates acquire the tools and skillsets necessary to address complex problems that combine those of large scale, randomness, dynamic aspects and/or important externalities, as a consequence of the systemic interaction between agents and processes. They are qualified to formulate solutions with a perspective that integrates technical knowledge with state-of-the-art methodologies, supporting the productive and social development of organizations or allowing the incorporation of new approaches and theories in the scientific field.

The program’s lectures are given by academics of excellence in the areas of Operations and Energy and Transportation Management of the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences of the University of Chile. Several teachers in the program are also members of The Institute of Complex Engineering Systems (ISCI). Over the past ten years, some 240 ISI publications have been issued by teachers of the program, clearly indicating their high quality.

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